Ghoul Scout Zombie Massacre

Ghoul Scout Zombie Massacre

Ghoul-Scout Zombie Massacre is a horror/spoof comedy B-movie that spoofs late-night cinemax sex comedies and George Romero style highly politically satyrical midnight movie zombie flicks, while spoofing the Girl Scouts of America.

The movie opens with 4 girls in reform school for various civic and criminal offenses, in the shower room. Our heroine Liza Wonder is a ex-stewardess, and her three friends are an ex-car wash girl, an ex-Cheerleader for college football, and an ex-nurse. The women discuss their falls from grace.

Meanwhile, the warden of the reform school, a seething villianess and Elvira-like beauty, is plotting with her locally famous evil millionaire scientist brother, well known for his torrid gay affairs and gay smut films. The scientist, Dr. Irwin Klaw, has developed a serum that turns attractive young rocker boys into lobotomized sex slaves.

Cassandra Bush, the reform school warden and also an ex girl scout troup leader, and evil Dr. Klaw together devise a plan to create a legion of lobotomized sex slaves for Klaw’s laboratory and bareback twink rocker boy underground porno busniness.

They plan to distribute the serum to young rocker boys via fake girl scout cookies sold door to door by the four hottest girls in the reform school. Cassandra offers the 4 reform school girls full immunity and their freedom for selling ghoul scout cookies door to door, which she tells them is benefitting her neice’s troop.

Dr. Klaw and Cassandra’s plan backfires, however, when instead of turning the boys into willing sex slaves, the serum acitvated cookies turn the boys into mindless, fleshy-eating zombies: the living undead! The action unfolds as Mickey Fever, a boy from the neighborhood’s band Tyrannasaurus Dracula, plays at the local VFW. Mickey Fever is not affected, as he doesn’t eat the cookies because of his dairy allergy.

Two members of his band, however, become flesh-hungry zombies after eating cookies and make quick work of the whole audience, who start devouring the town. Mickey Fever ,his bandmate Bill Hellfire, and the 4 reform school girls end up at Dr Klaw’s secret lair as the zombies ravage the town. Mickey and Liza Wonder quickly fall in love under zombie induced stress, and Mickey’s friend and Liza’s friends find lust, jealousy, and new terrors in their close confinement.

What will become of Mickey, Liza, and the reform school girls and bandmates?

And, what about Cassandra and Dr. Klaw, who started this whole mess?

Can the zombie invasion spread throughout the country?

Watch Ghoul- Scout Zombie Massacre for these and more answers!